at the bakery

About Scones To Go!

It seems that life's most precious moments are the ones we experience over good food. Whether it be a wedding, brunch even just a quiet moment at home with family relationships seem to be strengthened over a plate of something sweet. Here in my kitchen at the Red Brick Bakery & Tea Room, everything I bake is filled with care and attention to detail. Because I know that my customers are getting more than just a plate full of pastries, they're getting the glue that will hold conversations together. Of all the items I bake at the shop, the most popular by far are my scones. My customers have told me over and over that my scones lend a special touch to the tea parties we so often host.

Scones lend an exquisite touch to any occasion. Wedding or baby showers, dinner parties, or even private moments with one cherished person just seem special when shared over a scone. Now there's a way to add that unique touch to your important moments, even if you're nowhere near my kitchen at the Red Brick Bakery & Tea Room. When you order, I'll bake a dozen scones just for you, package them and get them out immediately. I've done lots of testing to make sure that your scones will arrive fresh and in perfect condition, ready to serve right away or be frozen for up to one month.

I'm simply not willing to send you anything less than fresh, delicious baked goods. In fact, you have my personal promise that your scones will be fresh and delicious when they arrive or I'll replace them or gladly refund your money. In most parts of the country, you'll receive them within 5 days of placing your order. When you order you get one dozen scones, freshly baked from scratch and delivered to your door for only $16.95 (plus shipping). Scones are a wonderful way to add a special touch to any everyday moment. And they're a perfect gift for that loved one who already "has everything."

I look forward to baking for you!

Sincerely, Chef Dani